Campaign Depends on EVERYONE 2021

Campaign Depends on EVERYONE 2021

The Mesa del Tabaco is committed to caring for the environment and during the summer of 2021, as on previous occasions, launched the campaign ‘Depends on EVERYONE´, to make citizens aware of the importance of responsible behaviour; providing them with the means to collect their waste after a day at the beach so that it can be disposed of properly.   

30,000 waste bags and 30,000 reusable ashtrays were distributed throughout Spain with the collaboration of the Unión de Estanqueros, Hostelería de España and Asociación Ambiente Europeo.

Materials used in the campaign.
Campaign presentation in Canet d´en Berenguer.
Campaign on the beach.

DEPOSIT THE WASTE INTO ITS PROPER PLACE. When you leave the beach, don't forget to separate your waste and deposit each one in its corresponding recycling container whenever possible.

Citizens decalogue against marine litter 

Marine Litter is a problem, but we can ALL be part of the solution. Do you know what you can do to fight this problem?

In the Citizens' Decalogue against marine litter you will find a series of actions as recommendations to reduce marine litter. We encourage you to joinus! 

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